Casing Closure

Anticor CC (Casing Clouser) system is the technology with allows to seal the casing pipe ends in underground pipelines. This material
is used in the mastic state with retaining the plasticity in the temperature range from -150C to + 350C. The system provides tight viscoelastic to closure with stable properties during pipeline life time.


Preparation works

Prior to starting the work with sealing of the casing pipe, condition of anticorrosive insulation on the carrier pipe and casing pipe should be checked. If anticorrosive insulation of the carrier or casing pipe is damaged repair it.

Application steps
  • Make a ring around the carrier pipe with polyurethane foam spray inside space between the pipes (max 15cm thick, 25cm depth).
  • Put Anticor Syntetix Mastic to fill tightly the space between pipes.
  • Clean, degrease and tarnish existing insulation, in area where the new heat shrinkable sleeve or rubber casing end seals will be placed.
  • Install the heat shrinkable sleeve or rubber casing end seals.
  • In order to obtain additional tightness, the heat shrink sleeve or rubber casing end seals must be secured with PE tape e.g. Polyken 930-35 or 905-40 and steel clamping strips.

Fig. Schematic diagram of a sealing the casing pipe (Anticor Casing Closure System),
1 -carrier pipe with insulation, 2 -casing pipe with insulation, 3 -heat shrink sleeve or rubber casing end seal, 4 -two-component polyurethane foam, 5 -Anticor Syntetix Mastic, 6 - clamp strips, 7- PE tapes.

The system prepared in that way guarantees proper tightness end sealing of the casing pipe.

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