Casing Filler

Anticor Syntetix CF (Casing Filler) is the technology of preventing carrier pipe in casing pipe. The protection is provided by filling completely the space between the medium transporting pipe and the casing pipe with viscoelastic material. The filler is applied in a liquid state then it hardens into gel state. Anticor Syntetix CF retains its plasticity in the temperature range: -150C to + 350C.


Casing pipe treatment:

a) Expose (dig out) the ends of casing pipes.

b) Wash with high pressure water and if necessary blow off with compressed air the space between the casing and carrier pipe (the need
to wash exists only in the case of regeneration of an old section of casing pipe, in which there is dirt in the form of sludge, mud, water
and moisture).

c) Weld the connection pipes on the one end of casing pipe for pouring the material (inlet, overflow section). If the casing pipe was previously washed with pressure water, draining pipe should be welded in the other end (draining session) at a lower end of the pipe.

d) Make a tight closing at the ends of casing pipe. This can be done with the Anticor Syntetix CC. According to Anticor Casing Closure technology, using:

- Anticor Syntetix Mastic.
- Heat shrink sleeve or rubber casing end seal.
- Two-component polyurethane foam.
- PE tapes e.g. Polyken 930-35 or 905-40.
- Clamp strips.

e) Filling the space between the casing with Anticor Syntetix CF directly from a heated tank truck. The liquid medium pumped in, has
the temperature about 85 0C (the temperature of the pumped medium is set as every application). The density of Anticor Syntetix CF is lower than water, thus it tightly fills the entire space, pushing out remained water through the draining tube. The Anticor Syntetix CF solidifies
in several hours into a gel that in case the installation leaks will allow the escaping gas to get through to the gas sensing tube.

f) After filling the Anticor Syntetix CF insulating material into the casing pipe, the points where the connector tubes were welded in, must be insulated with corrosion protection.

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