Anticor Syntetix Mastic

Anticor Syntetix Mastic - is a synthetic viscoelastic material an excellent sealing property. It seals both ends of casing pipe against ground water, mud, etc. It shows high adhesion to steel and plastic surfaces and can be used with all types of anticorrosive coatings. Anticor Syntetix Mastic does not change the properties over its entire operational temperature range.
It doesn't contain substances hazardous to the health and the environment.

Features and advantages
  • Synthetic product of exceptional sealing properties.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Exceptional adhesion to steel and plastics.
  • Doesn't contain components hazardous to health and the environment.
  • Compatible to use with all products of anticorrosion protection.
  • Stable properties upon operation over many years.
  • Tightly fills the space between the pipes, preventing water, oxygen and moisture from accessing the pipes.
  • Reusable.



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