Anticor Syntetix CF

Anticor Syntetix CF (Casing Filler) - is a fully synthetic material of exceptional anticorrosive properties. It protects against both chemical and electrochemical corrosion. Include inhibitors against stress corrosion cracking (SCC). The special formulation of synthetic products allowed us to obtain exceptional adhesion to steel and plastic surfaces. Due to its and oxidative properties, Anticor Syntetix CF extends the life time
of factory applied insulation. Slowing down the deterioration occurs in the whole temperature range of use.
It doesn't contain hazardous substances to the health and the environment.

Physical and operating properties Anticor Syntetix CF

Features and advantages Anticor Syntetix CF

  • Prevent corrosion inside casing pipe.

  • Provides the most effective and least expensive means to repair electrolytic joints and those within the casing pipe.

  • Tightly fills the space between the pipes, displacing accumulated water, oxygen and moisture.

  • Makes an excellent protection against stray currents effects.

  • Is an entirely synthetic, chemically stable product.

  • Contains additives that improve functional properties, e.g., corrosion inhibitors, antioxidants etc..

  • Reduces the cost associated with cathodic protection of pipelines.

  • Doesn't contain components hazardous to health and the environment.

  • Stable properties upon operation over many years.

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