Under the Syntetix brand are hidden the following products:
Anticor Syntetix CF and Anticor Syntetix Mastic. These are the plastic masses, used for corrosion protection of pipelines. These masses were used to create two technologies:

- Anticor Syntetix CF (Casing Filler),
- Anticor Syntetix CC ( Casing Closure).

Anticor Syntetix CF (Casing Filler) -corrosion protection technology carrier pipes in casing pipe. (read more)

ANTICOR Company offers a full range of work related to application


- For protection new pipeline in casing pipe against corrosion
and mechanical damage
- To remove the electrical connections and short circuit (special cases) between caning.

Anticor CC (Casing Clouser) system -technology of closing the ends
of casing pipe. (read more)

Additional uses of Anticor Syntetix Mastic:

- Corrosion protection of elements of pipeline like flanges, flares, fittings and valves, etc.
- Sealing cable / pipe through the walls.

Thanks to using synthetic products (polyolefins) Syntetix mass have
a special anti-corrosion and sealing properties. Retain their properties over the whole period of use. Products have:
- positive opinion of the Gas and Oil Institute, recommending the use in gas industry,
- Hygienic Certificate classified the product as safe for humans
and the environment.


Why Syntetix?
Synthetic products with unique properties.
Protect against corrosion.
Inhibit the active corrosion processes.
Guarantee chemical stability in the whole period of use.
The most effective and cheapest way to repair a eclectically short in the casing pipe.
Insulation against the ingress of corrosive agents.
Excellent barrier against stray current.
Contain inhibitors of stress corrosion cracking (SCC).
They have a very high adhesion to steel and plastic surfaces.
They can be used with all types of steel pipe anticorrosion coatings.

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